Welcome to kennel of Cross the Rubicon !

I am a small animal veterinarian practicing in Oregon
state. My love for animals, especially dogs and cats,
has influenced my entire life, including choosing this
profession early on.

As my experience with different breeds grows, so
does my understanding of breed preservation and
purpose of breeding.

My goal is focused towards the ETHICAL breeding. It
is of the utmost importance to use dogs offering "more
then meets the eye". Not just beautiful winning
Champions, but also sound temperament and health.

Many health issues in the dog world can be prevented by
health screening.
So far I haven't met a potential puppy owner who would
voluntarily sign up for a dog requiring surgeries, long term
pain control (as with luxating patellas, elbow and hip
dysplasia), blood transfusion (bleeding disorders),
blindness ( eye problems), etc.

People expect to get a happy healthy family member, so
that is my priority & the goal in my breeding!

Kerries are also the only breed I am focused on.  
    After obtaining Bianca, my interest shifted toward dog shows.  We travelled not just in Slovakia, but also
around Europe, showing in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Austria and Israel. We alos competed in
the European dog show in 1999 and the World dog show in 1996.
As a visitor, I had a chance to meet
more kerries at European Dog show in Italy (1998) and Poland (2000).

    Cross The Rubicon kennel was established in 1997 and it is registered  by FCI  (Fédération
Cynologique Internationale- European organization equivalent to AKC) under my name and number 49/97.  
The name Cross the Rubicon w
as one of 5 required choices I sent to the FCI in 1996 and was approved
first. At the time it "just sounded right", but now I know it was the hand of fate.

Cross the Rubicon" came to mean making a difficult and risky decision, but one that could lead to
significant benefits.

After Julius Caesar conquered the Gauls in 49 BC, he and his army headed back to Rome. The Roman Senate,
afraid of Caesar's popularity, sent representatives to warn him not to come to Rome, saying that there would be civil
war if he crossed the Rubicon River. He did; there was; he won.

    Now my Kerries are making a mark in USA.
It was a quite a change from the European one day shows, where dogs come already groomed (and very
natural) to top notch grooming and preparation, from waiting from 8.00 am to precise show schedules,
from highly valued imports to preferred local dogs...

    By luck or perseverance,  I got to own one of the best Kerries I have ever seen.
Despite very Irish looks (so appreciated at that time in Europe, but rarely seen in USA at that time), Aran
ranked in the Top5 for 3 consequent years, equally handled by me and handler Peter Atkinson.
    In 2007 Aran went Best of Breed at the prestigious WESTMINSTER dog show at Madison Square
Garden, NY!
"Aran" came from the kennel of my friends in Italy. Their home bred Multi-Champion Aran Enniskeen
caught my eye and stole my heart in 1998, winning the European dog show in Genoa. "Dusty" was also the
sire of my
first litter.
    From all the accomplishments, as an owner-handler, I  am most proud of the two Best in Show Bred by
Exhibitor at two different terrier (2006) specialties with
Donny and Ewan,  Best of Opposite Sex at  
National Traveling Specialty of US KBT club in 2004  and Montgomery05 ( Irish judge Paul Martin) with
I owe tremendous amount of gratitude to handlers, who were nonjudgmental and offered me the helping
hand to grow and adjust.
                    Also thank You, all supportive friends in the Europe  and the USA.
    My wish and hope is to own and produce Kerries as
close to the Irish original as possible. Kerries bred under
Cross the Rubicon prefix should also have balanced
temperament, good movement and preserved working
potential, with herding/hunting instinct.

As a veterinarian and animal lover, the health and
wellbeing of my dogs is my number one priority.

    I also believe that
the NATURAL way is the best way
to go and
companion or work-only puppies do NOT
need to have  ear pasting performed.

For show prospects I offer show grooming, handling
and show ear setting.

If you have questions about my Kerries, don't hesitate to
contact me:
Puppy from the first litter in 1999.

   Although I have been involved in the breed for over 15
years, do NOT expect a kennel situation. My Kerries are
my family and they live in the house. I only keep few at a
   My keen interest in this breed started in 1992, when
working with a veterinarian in my home town. I had the
pleasure to meet and work with "Tammy" (Bianca's
older brother) for some time. Champion and Best in
Show winner, Tammy was not just handsome, but also
had the good balanced temperament I was looking for in
every dog. When new pups were born, it was an easy
decision to make and Bianca joined our family in
January 1995.

    Prior to that I was involved in Shutzhund/police dog
training with my first dog-
German Shepherd named
"Argo". He was a grandson of the legendary Agbar
Oranto ( SchH 3, IPO 3) -a fabulous top ranking working
dog highly appreciated in Schutzhund circles of former
Czechoslovakia and Germany.
We are located in Gresham(OR, USA), East of Portland &Vancouver.

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Cross The Rubicon
For more kerry blue health info, read here:
Aran- Best male at Montgomery05