"Aran" is one of the top ranking show kerry blue terriers in  USA for 3 consecutive years- even with my
limited finances and minimal advertising, he became a "Special" everybody is talking about.
This was
accomplished without backers, ads in show magazines and week-by-week showing.

In "Aran" all my dreams came true.
As a former owner of Shutzhund competing German Shepherd, I always strive for balanced combination of
beauty, temperament and health.

"Aran" is an epitome of elegant kerry and natural-born showman. His flawless movement and "Look at me,
I own it here" presence is what makes him stand out in the ring. He is self-confident and happy, with the right
terrier spark.
Aran is very masculine, without being stuffy or thick.
He represents long-legged type- with compact body, beautiful topline, moderate back with short loins,  
elegant neck and perfect tail set.
Aran has full set of teeth, perfect scissor bite, dark small eyes and dark gums. His head is a masterpiece-
long and lean, without any bumpiness.

Aran is also certified Canine Good Citizen and passed sheep-herding instinct test. He is a most loving boy
and never offers any trouble. He loves to be petted and likes children or people in wheel chair equally. He is
a great gentleman with girls and strong father figure for his puppies. Aran loves off leash walks and enjoys
his time in doggie park as well as out in the wilderness.

Aran came from extremely successful litter- his littermates are:
Aran Feeny (Hips=A)- BIS, European, Portugal, Spanish, Gibraltar, International Ch. and resCC at Crufts
2004 (Judge: Ron Ramsay, Torum kennel)
Aran Finnea- World Ch. 2005, Mexican, Guatemalan, Argentinian and Americas Ch.
Aran Falcarragh (Hips=A)- Italian Champion
Aran Foyens- sire of multiple Champions in Europe

Aran passed all important health tests, expected of the good stud dog & is also *Canine Good
OFA link: http://www.offa.org/display.html?appnum=1043770#animal
  • Hips- OFA good (A2)
  • Penn-Hip no sign of DJD
  • Elbows- OFA normal
  • Heart-OFA normal
  • CMSD Clear/Normal
  • Thyroid- OFA normal (re-checked at age of 6)
  • Eyes- CERF normal (re-checked at age of 6)
  • Clotting factor XI- normal, DNA "clear"
  • von Willebrand (DNA test by VetGen)- clear
  • DM (DNA test)- carrier
  • Brucella and Leptospirosis-tested negative
"Aran" - BIS, BISS- USA and Canadian Ch. Aran Ferbane, CGC, HCT
BISS @ Great Western Terrier Association 2006
BIS of Kennel Club of Beverly Hills        
4x Invited to AKC/Eukanuba National Championship           
Born: March  28th, 2001
LIVE COVER, Cooled fresh and frozen semen shipment UPON SPECIAL REQUEST ONLY.
AKC certified DNA analysis performed, CMSD Clear.
YEAR 2013
Award of Merit at Montgomery from the Veteran Class!!!

YEAR 2010

No.8 in Breed standings for 2010 with very limited showing!
BEST OF BREED- Morris&Essex Show from the Veteran Class!!!!
Select Dog at Montgomery from the Veteran Class!!!

YEAR 2006 (Again top ranking kerry male!)       
All breed standings:

01 CH Rollick's Riverdance                    6733
02 CH Aran Ferbane                               5351

Breed standings:                                                               
01 CH Rollick's Riverdance                 666
02 CH Fenian An' Mac                         420
03 CH Aran Ferbane                             329

AoM @ Eukanuba  & Montgomery
BISS @ Terrier Specialty, BIS @
all-breed show
BOB @ Westminster 2007

Year 2005: ( 2nd best male for 2nd year)

01  Ch. Bluebeard's The Answer    728
02  Ch. Keribou's Pocket of Petals     314
03  Ch. Rollick's Riverdance    203
04  Ch. Aran Ferbane    189

BOS at Montgomery to cousin- Dinniesvarosy Bluish Beauty (Judge: Paul Martin,
Clanciarrai kennel, Ireland)
AoM @ Westminster & Eukanuba
BISS Terrier Specialty

Year 2004 (finished 2nd by winning at 35 shows- the least amount of shows entered for top 5

  1. Ch. Bluebeard's The Answer  553
  2. Ch. Aran Ferbane  488
  3. Ch. Hallsblu Royal Flush  388

BOS at Montgomery 2004- to another relative&Mick's daughter: Fralin's Cliondha
of Whimsea, handled by Torum's Scar Michael hander Bill McFadden (Judge: Ron
Ramsey, Torum kennel, England)
AoM @ Eukanuba- picture
Westminster BOB 2007
BIS All Terrier Club of Western Washington
Multiple BIS Kerry specialties
BOS Montgomery 2004,2005
AoM Montgomery 2013
BOS USKBTC Traveling Specialty
Top Ranking kerry for 3 consecutive years
Sheep herding instinct tested 2013
Canine Good Citizen (CGC)
Where and when to see Aran live?
Our video pages- here
Westminster07 breed ring (Aran is handled by Peter- trademark is shaved head
Westminster KC show airing NOW at USANetwork ( see local guide for times)
Westminster of 2006 (also shown by Peter):
Tournament of Champions, Portland,OR-2006- Animal planet- February 17th & 24th
2007 Tournament of Champions from Portland-  Check Animal Planet for details.