A- litter of Cross the Rubicon kennel
Born: July 3rd, 1999- 3 boys, 5 girls

Sire: MultiCh. Aran Enniskeen ("Dusty"), OFA hips- B- see
Dam: Ch. Bianca Kerrydom, CGC, hips: A/A

This litter started the history of Cross the Rubicon kennel.
Bianca was already 4.5 years old when I finally found the stud dog
of my dreams. The hunt for top quality stud was going on for 2
years already. I was looking for dog with matching pedigree, good
health and show results to prove it.  I was mailing all around Europe
and kept my eyes open on every show I entered.
That time, as a student in eastern Europe, money as well as traveling
possibilities were sparse. But despite that, I decided to travel just for
another European dog show. It was year of 1998 and place- Genoa,
There I met "Dusty" and I knew my search is over. Elegant Dusty
enchanted me not just with his great Irish pedigree, wonderful
ancestry, silver blue wavy coat and sparkling temperament, but also
the style I was looking for! Great mover with gorgeous neck, superb
topline and just the right length of the back with perfect tail set and
carriage was EXACTLY what I was looking for!
It was Bianca's first litter and due to breached puppy and C- section
only 1 boy and 4 girls survived.
This was also first undocked litter of kerries in eastern Europe!
I had a high hopes for puppies from this litter, but unfortunately
things didn't turn out as expected and I lost contact with the owners.

"Arlana" in Slovakia was shown couple times, but later her fractured
leg and persistent limping post-surgery stopped her career.
"Argenta" was also shown with excellent results (BOS, CAC) under
different judges (Una Rigney- IRL, Bojan Matakovic-Cro, Vladimira
Ticha- CR, A. Cwiecekova-SR).  In June 2002 Argenta won CACIB
(Winner Bitch) at International dog show in Nitra, Slovakia (entry of
11 kerries).
"Arianwyn" was sold as a pet in Israel.
"Aithne" was sold in USA as a top pick show bitch to a member and
committee of USKBT club and was never heard of since.

"Ares" was also sold in USA and sired litter of puppies.  But he
needed to be rescued with the help of  Kerry Blue Terrier
Foundation. Although I offered to take Ares back, per Foundation
they found good home for him locally and his current owner or
address could not be disclosed. This was confirmed by that time
president of Ohio KBT club, who assured me Ares is safe and in
good hands. Thank you for your help!

One of Ares's sons- Ch. Innisfre Bachelor- is enjoying his life at
Zilbee kennel.
After obtaining his AKC Championship (including Group 4 at Rubber
City KC in January 2004), he is ranking as No.1 kerry by UKC (as of
April 2007).  Congratulations to owner-handler Salma!

OFA hips - 2004- GOOD
Aithne- 2mths old, 1999
Ares- 2mths old,1999
Arlana ins snow (Slovakia)- 3 years old,2001
Argenta (Gemma)-2002
Multi Champion Aran Enniskeen @home
-"Dusty", October 1999
Innisfre's Bachelor with daughter