C-puppies of Cross the Rubicon kennel
Born: January 17th, 2001- 1 boy, 2 girls.

Sire: MultiCh. Olido v. Landsberg (see
Dam: SK Ch. Bianca Kerrydom, CGC

This was the third and last Bianca's litter. It was a repeated
litter, as from the previous breeding we got only one puppy.

I feel this is so far my most special litter. I value highly the dogs
making their mark not just in a show ring, but also as working

Sweet & mellow Cranntara, CGC (aka Laurie) is registered
Therapy dog, bringing joy and hope to people in hospitals and
retirement centers.
Handsome Cormac found great home in Texas. When finished
his AKC Championship as well as UKC Championship, he was
used as a stud dog.
This time Cormac is retired and lives peacefully with 2 other
Outgoing Caithreim (Kathy) was sold in eastern Canada and
entered few shows and junior handling competitions, but wasn't
shown extensively.
Cormac moving- June 2001
Caithreim (Kathy)- January 2002
Cranntara(Laurie)- August 2001
Laurie's professional painting
Crantarra (Laurie) in Seattle- September 2001