Available kerries from Cross the Rubicon

Are you interested in purebred Kerry Blue
Terrier puppy?


Many people are enchanted by the beauty and
charisma of the Kerry Blue Terrier, but they are not
the type of dog for everyone.
Just like in rising children, parents and in this
instance *owners* are those who have the most
significant impact on a young dog and what will
become of it when matures.
No matters how well behaved, trained and
socialized the parents are, getting a puppy from the
responsible, involved breeder is the first step.
Naturally, when purchasing your puppy- you think
of instant best companion forever.

There are many questions to ask the breeder
and many more to ask yourself.
Some of them are:
  • Am I ready to be highly involved in rising a
    young dog (count up to 2 years of intense
  • Am I ready to offer love, but equally so -
    lots of exercise and structure?
  • Am I ready to work with my pup's paws,
    mouth, ears and coat daily to make him
    adjusted to normal daily handling and
  • Am I able to go for walks to keep my dog
    happily tired?
  • Am I able to provide my dog with other
    forms of exercise- jogging, bicycling,
    playing in the park?
  • Do I understand that my backyard needs to
    have a COMPLETE solid (not electric)
    fence? But even so, this equals to a large
    bathroom not to a good amount of exercise.
  • Do I understand the difference between
    solitary possessive nature of an average
    terrier in comparison to pack raised, happy-
    to-share dogs as Beagles, Huskies,
    Labradors etc?
  • I have another dog. Would my dog like a
    friend? Is my dog an alpha?
  • How much do I know about socializing the
    dog and where can I learn more?
  • Where is the closest doggy day care and
    what are their requirements?
  • How and where to take obedience classes
    (including knowing the trainer and find place
    which does NOT use prong and/or shock
  • Who is going to groom-myself or groomer?
Puppies are in planning!
Contact me privately.
NEW bloodline, great temperament!!!!
Kerry Puppies available in Colorado!
Sire: Kril
Dam: Lovesong's Sweet Rewards by Ch. Warlord's
Tomahawk and out of Lowesong's Sweetart
(Aisling/ Torum/Andover)
Please contact Nona Mansfield