Gallery of Eryx  ("Ryx")
Eryx, called Ryx is one of five sons of Aran and Kiara born in 2005 from E-litter.

According to his family, Ryx is marvelous. During their recent trip, once again Ryx was the perfect
gentleman -- no problem in the hotels (charmed all the staff). He delighted grand nieces and nephews with his
gentle play. He is a joy to travel with.

He loves the snow .
His passion these days is playing catch. He has a "Cuz" rubber ball that he will bring and drop into our laps,
then he will back up and sit until the ball is tossed into the air and he catches it in his mouth. Another version
of the game is that he climbs up onto the foot stool and will leap into the air and catch the ball in mid air
before landing -- this is his favourite game.