Gallery- family memories (1999-2007)-1,2
Ruby at Halloween party with other pups in daycare competing in hot dog eating! 2003
Kerries at Mt. Hood, 2005
Ewan,Bianca, Aran adn Kiara @Mt. Hood 2005
Bianca and Great Dane Rigo in High Tatras, Slovakia1997
Natalia feeding Bianca and Felix-Israel 96
Laurie and Bianca -St. Helen vulcanic park-2001
Natalia with cockatiel Loui, Bianca and Kiara. October06
12 years old Bianca with our turtle. October 2006
2005- family together: Bianca (12y), Ewan (15m), Aran (5y), Kiara (4.5y)
Friends in park-summer2003- Bianca, Riley, Aran, Reilly
Hot summer day- natalia with Bianca and Argenta on the walk- May 2000
Jade (Arlana's daughter) with Butch The Cat-Nov. 2001
Aran greeting a goat on the walk-2001
Aralana's Jade, Aran and Bianca- jan2002
Bianca -after her show-took a swim in local fountain-Bratislava,SR 1999
Bianca flying first class- Passenger seat- from TelAviv, 1999
Aran and the cat- September 2001
Aran at pacific ocean -september 2001
Bianca worming up our sick Rigo- 1996