Ares with rescued pitbull Bullit, 1999
Gallery of Cross the Rubicon puppies- 1, 2, 3
Aran and Bianca welcome one of Ruby's pups (D litter,2003)
Duvessa, Dunkerrin and Daronica 2003
Ewan sleeping on Kiara, 2005
Eryx and Keyla watching, 2006
D babies with Aran, 2003
Argenta (gemma)- 1999
Ares and rescued pitbull Bullit-1999
Dracco (aka Cormac II) and Whitney-2003
Kiara and her puppy Eryx playing. June 2005
Echo of Aran, 10 weeks old-May 2005
10 mths old Dolce (aka Scooter) and his favorite bone-2004
Baby sitting kerry babies is a tough job!!! A litter 1999.
F girl with white mark, 8days old nov06