Show Gallery of Cross the Rubicon kerries (1998- Nov.2006)-1,2
Aran with Peter going BIS at Kennel Club of Beverly Hills, June 2006
Aran- best in Show at GWTA, June 2006
Aran- G3 under Jon Cole,July06
Aran-BOS at Montgomery, October 2005
Aran-AoM, Morris&Essex KC in PA, October 05
Aran-Group 1, Pleasanton,CA- October 2005
Aran-Group 1 under Rich Chashoudian- July05
Aran-BOS at USKBTC traveling specialty 2004
Aran-BOB @ Hatboro KC, PA (Montgomery weekend) -October 2004
Aran- AoM @ Eukanuba 2003
1 year old Aran going BoW at specialty in CA and his first Major-2002
Kiara with Scott-BoW, Terrier Association of Oregon, Jan05
Kiara's 2nd major at Ter. Spec. of All terrier club of Western WA, August05
Kiara's 1st major during GWTA weekend, June 05
Donny-res WD @ KBT terrier specialty in Sacramento 2004
Donovan with Val Nunes-Atkinson: new Ch. -2006
Donny-Best in Show Bred by Exhibiotr at specialty of Terrier Assoc. of Oregon, Jan06
Ewan-BoW and first major at specialty of ACTWW, Aug 06
Ewan-BIS Bred by Exhibitor, Specialty of ATCWW, August 06
Ewan- WD and first point- Portland,OR January 06
Echo and Diane- 1st point, 2005
Echo-Best of Winners and 4p major- 2006
Baby Echo at Montgomery 2005
Ch. Bianca going BOB, Group 2 in Presov, Slovakia, 1998
First time ring stewardin USA- Texas,2001- with Mick taking BOB
Terrier Association
Kennel Club
of Beverly Hills