Sheep herding with Cross the Rubicon kerries
"Aran" thought he is in heaven!
He just jumped right into the action. Very enthusiastic and fast, Aran proved his natural herding instinct.
Although in my opinion, shepherd overused the correction stick (previous bad experience with JRT), Aran learned
the "balance" easily.
According to the shepherd,  Aran excels in "driving" and "gathering" the sheep. Very enthusiastic and fast, proved
his natural herding instinct.


Ch. Bianca Kerrydom

She was almost 9 years
old, when she worked
with the sheep for the first

Bianca was "driving" the
flock coolheaded, steady
and with enthusiasm.

She kept the proper
distance and correction
stick wasn't bothering her
a bit.
"Ruby"- Born to Cross the Rubicon was very polite first, not sure why to keep eye contact with those weird furry
"dogs" she never encountered before.

But as the sheep started to move, her instinct kicked on and she really enjoyed the work.
Correct "walkabouts" and nice gathering confirmed her herding abilities.
 Coming from world of working dogs, I was always very interested to know how much more versatile Kerries can do.
 Interestingly, when asking for herding classes for a Kerry, you can hear that Terriers are not a sheep dogs, coming from
the shepherd trainers. This can not be further from the truth, as the Kerry Blue Terriers were bred as a general purpose
dogs and herding was included among their tasks.

Here are few examples of sheep herding kerries:
Echo herding- december06
Echo of Aran Cross the Rubicon

Echo proven natural instinct for herding at Sheepdog Junction in Rhode Island
Echo herding December2006
  Gio, our young Aran's son started sheep herding with John in March 2011, Northwest spring weather permitting.
After the third training, Gio is getting ready for a pre trial competition! The video below is from his 2nd meeting with
the sheep.
It take some time to load, so, please have a patience!
 I would like to congratulate to Smokey ( Ch. Topgun Great Balls of Fire), competing in his first AKC herding trial
in Olive Branch, Mississippi in the Started Sheep class. He scored a 97, placed first in his class and won High in
Trial over 25 other dogs and then next day missed winning High in Trial by one point ( 93). April 2011