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                                                       DECEMBER 2009

What a finish of the YEAR for "Echo"! After winning the breed at Westminster and
USKBTC Natinal Specialty, he also won an Award of Merit at Eukanuba/ AKC
Tournament of Champions just like his sire "Aran" in 2004, 2005 and 2006! He was
also AoM at the Los Encinos KC KBT Club of Southern CA supported entry show.
                                          NOVEMBER 2009

TOP 25 Breed and All-Breed rankings are in!  After winning Best of Breed at both
most prestigeous shows- Westminster KC and Montgomery KC, "Echo" is No.2 Kerry
male and No. 4 Kerry with limited showing!Thank you Diane and Ray!

Congratulations also goes to top ranking Echo's cousin Ch. Irisfingel Blue Badge and
Aran's daughter, owner handled, Ch. Topgun's Tahoe's Thunderous Blue Rage!
                                     OCTOBER 2009
MONTGOMERY KC is the most prestigious terrier specialty in USA. Held in
Pennsylvania in October, there are many different terrier breeds presented from all US
and abroad. Aran's kids and grandkids are filling his big shoes for sure!!!  
I am very proud of Aran and his kids, consistently placing at these shows.
Just as last year, we have more Champions to celebrate!
  •     BEST of BREED - Ch. Echo of Aran Cross the Rubicon. Congratulations
    Diane&Ray and THANKS, Peter!
  • Best bitch and BEST OF WINNERS- and NEW Ch.  Penterra's Sky Reflection.
    Congratulations, Youlia.
  • Award of MERIT- Ch. Topgun's Tahoe Thunderous Blue Rage
  • And congratulations to Aran's grandkids, Youlia's pups sired by Tahoe's brother Ringo.
    Great presentation in 6-9 mths class!!!

Congratulations to NEW Champion- "Olivia"- Ch. Keribou's You Only Live Twice,
owned and bred by Ernie Conti, finished her Championship going Winners Bitch the fist
day of Montgomery weekend, the Hatboro  KC. Olivia also got Award of Merit at the
same show. Congratulations!!!

 Echo rocks the Montgomery weekend!!!
  • Hatboro KC (Thursday)- Best of Opposite sex
  • Hatboro KC (Friday)- Award of Merit
  • Devon Association (Saturday) - Best of Breed, GROUP 3   
  • Montgomery KC (Sunday)- Best of Breed                       

                                      SEPTEMBER 2009
Congratulations to Aran's daughter Tahoe and her owner-handler Jim! making a wave
as a new Special- going BOS and BOB in Atlanta.
We are also very proud of  our grandkid Topgun Da Bomb! Of Blue Crush- at the
same shows- 4 and 3 point major and another WB for 2 points! Congrats to Eva and
Blake! TOPGUN website is always timely updated by Eddie.
Added video- Ara, Bianca and Ruby playing with friends in the park!
"Leeloo" qualified for AKC/Eukanuba National Championship 2009 and 2010!

TWO SHOW prospect boys are staying with us
  • "Gio"- Guardian of Cross the Rubicon
  • "Logan "- Great Weapon X Cross the Rubicon

Echo and Peter in Kentucky! 3 x Best of Breed, 2x Goup 2 and Group 3 at Lexington &
Kentucky KC under Mr. Lowell Davis, Norman Patton and Dr. Lee Anthony Reasin.

Echo's s daughter "Basha" went back-to-back Best In Show at Canberra, Australia!!!

CONGRATULATIONS "MICKEY BLUE"- Group 2 and Group 4 at Carolina KC

IN MEMORIAM- my very first own Kerry "Bianca", the matriarch of Cross the Rubicon kennel
  • Dec 1st, 1994- Sept 4th, 2009

                                      AUGUST 2009

NEW Champion - our own "Leeloo", Fifth Element of Cross the Rubicon, finished her AKC
Championship with two 4 point majors under Mrs. K. Ferris and Mr. J. Cole at the specialty
of All Terrier Association of Western Washington from Bred By Exhibitor class.

Finally added!!!

And another Group placement for Aran's girls! Topgun's Every Reason To Be Jealous" took
BOB and Group 4 at the Carolina KC under Mr. Robert Black. Congrats, Blake!

Barb and Beau are going strong in Canada! Another two group placements- Group 3 under
Wayne Burton and Group 4 under Deborah Graffmann at Cambell River DF Society show.

NEW CHAMPION- "Tahoe"  had a FABULOUS weekend at the Canfield Specialty and
supported entry by KBT Club of Northern Ohio. On Thursday, finished with 4 point Major and
Best of Winners under Mrs. Esther Joseph, followed by 2 x Award of Merit under Jon Cole
and Michael Buckley as a "Special" and finally... Best of Breed under Mrs. Rita Holloway! It
was my pleasure to groom Tahoe on Saturday. What a beautiful girl!

Congratulations to "Dora" and "Ringo" for their Awards of Merit too!

Judging (puppy sweeps at KBT Club of Northern Ohio)

                                           JULY 2009
NEW CHAMPION- 'Rowan" finished his AKC Championship with 4 point MAJOR at
Portland KC under judge Mrs. Chris Levy! Groomed and handled by his owner Margo of
Kilmarley Kerries. Congratulations!

BRODY -Aran's son, Am. &Inter.Ch. KeriOn Noble Spirit became a Canadian Champion, the
weekend of Canadian National Kerry Specialty and the first week back from US.
Congratulations to Judy and Maria!
Congratulation to Barb and Beau - winning another Terrier Group 1 by Mr. Thomas
Alexander and 2 by Mr. Elliot Weiss at Vernon &District KC. She is No.1 bitch and No.3
kerry in Canada!

                                        JUNE 2009

Long expected puppies are here! Go, G-Force!!! (see here)

Simplified Cross the Rubicon website is available too. Major updates  and so on will still
continue here!

Thank you, Randy , for Smokey's picture. Aran's son is very handsome!

Great news from Great Western Terrier Association show in Long Beach, CA- Echo  won
Best of Opposite Sex (BOS) under Mr. Peter Green and Cindy Vogels. Thanks Peter for
returning to the ring with this marvelous kerry!

What a fabulous owner-handler team! Thumbs up for "a newbie" Jim and Tahoe- GROUP 2
under Mr. Stephen Hubbell at Virginia KC. Well done!

Congratulations to our Canadian team Barb and Beau- owner handled  GROUP1 an
Nanaimo KC by Jean Beech
Congratulations to Tahoe and Jim! Owner handled 4 point major and Winners bitch !
Tahoe's siblings Bonnie and Ringo are doing great in the show ring too.

                                               MAY 2009

Updated pictures of Aran's sons- Brodi and Sterling
Congratulations to Barbara and Aran's daughter "Beau"-. She is No.1 kerry bitch in
Canada, with multiple group placements including Group 2 (Lawrence Stanbridge, Ontario)
and Group 3 (Mauro Anselmo Alves, Brazil) at Mill Bay Show, Vancouver Island, Canada

Aran's girl "Bonnie" took GROUP 4 @ Great Kingsport KC (Dr. Harry Smith) show weekend.

WOW !!! What a weekend for Judy and Brodi !  At the 4 days International Dog Show in
Orlando, Florida- Brodi went 2x BEST In SHOW, 2x BEST IN SHOW Bred By Exhibitor,
4x Bred by Exhibitor  Group 1, 3x Terrier Group1 and 1 Terrier Group 2

Congratulations to Echo's daughter - Australian Ch., multiple group and BIS winner-
"Basha"- winning another Best in Show, this time at the Terrier Specialty of Canbera &  
Dist. Sporting Terrier Club. She was also awarded "Intermediate in Show" at ACTCA
Amenities Championship Show by breeder judge Mrs. D. Hyde

Congratulations' -Aran's granddaughter/ daughter of Ringo- TopGun Da Bomb! of Bluecrush
went Winners bitch for 3 point major at Buck County KC

Congratulations ot Aran's daughter Keribou's You Only Live Twice- going Best of Winners
from BBE class at Garden State Terrier Club -May 1st, 2009. With 3 majors, she is 1 point
shy of her AKC Championship.

                                  APRIL 2009

CONGRATULATIONS, Echo! "Echo of Aran"  was awarded 3x Best of Breed- At the
USKBTC supported Columbia Terrier Club of Maryland show under Mr.Terry Stacy, Old
Dominion KC of North Virginia show under Mr. Bruce Schwartz and Baltimore County KC
under Mrs. Dawn Hansen

CONGRATULATIONS- NEW Champion! Aran's granddaughter- Lisiji Simply Smashing
became a new champion by going Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for 5 point major at
the specialty of Columbia Terrier Club of Maryland.

There is a  new BEAUTIFUL dog/cat/horse- spa/hotel/training facility  in California.  
BRIARCLIFF- operated by Peter and Valerie Atkinson, professional handlers.

Congratulations to Aran's daughter "KISSES" -awarded GROUP 2 by Mr. Norman Kenney
and GROUP 3 by Lowell Davis at Silver State KC in Las Vegas.

Congratulations to Aran's cousin and brother of Aengus The Protector -Ch. Irisfingel Blue
Badge- going BIS at Northeast Oklahoma KC!

New OFA hip dysplasia results for "Smokey"- tested "GOOD"

Taking few months break from the dog show,  LEELOO is back in the ring for the weekend
of Northern California Terrier Association. I was very pleased with her performance, she
shows very well.
Thursday, judge: Lydia Coleman Hutchinson: res. Winners Bitch
Friday, Mrs. Lynne Myall: Winners Bitch
Saturday, Ms. Ann Ferris: Winners Bitch
Sunday, Ms. Mareth Kipp: Winners Bitch, Best of Winners

                                      MARCH 2009

Congratulations  to "Beau's" Award of Merit at the specialty of KBT Club of Texas awarded
by Mrs. Carol Ramsey (Torum kennel) and the Best of Opposite Sex -by Dr. John Shelton @
the following  Fort Worth KC show (Texas).

All 34 picture and 17 video galleries listed -HERE

                                 FEBRUARY 2009

Echo  won Best of Breed at another specialty, this time the Great Lakes Terrier Association
in Illinois under Mrs. Barbara Dempsey Alderman.
And another BOB under Mrs. Lydia Coleman Hutchinson at Park Shore KC and under Mrs.
Margaretta Patterson-Kauffman  at International KC of Chicago
Two other BOB went to his cousin Irisfingel Blue Badge.

Brodi is adding multiple breed points under his belt down in Florida- he went BOB at two
days of Sara-Bay KC and two days of Lakeland-Winter Haven KC shows
Brodi's brother "Sterling" went Winners dog under Mr. Madison Weeks and Best of Winners
under Mr. William De Villeneuve
Echo here, Echo there... Echo everywhere!!! Echo, Echo, Echo....
Video from Best of Breed judging at Westminster
see a video (and one of Echo's cute tricks) at The Providence journal website
Articles : The Providence Journal, Providence Daily Dose
Another of echo's tricks -here
"ECHO" won Best of Breed at Westminster KC show in New York- first "Champions Only"
show limited to 2500 dogs dated back to 1877! There is not a better way to prove his quality,
then to win in tough competition of the top ranking Champions.
*Flash- back 2007! - see Aran's Westminster win of 2007

                            JANUARY 2009

As her daddy Aran- "Beau" is featured at Animal Planet under her fancy full call-name
"Boudicia" at AKC/Eukanuba Tournament of Champions 2008!

MORE GROUP placements for Echo- GROUP 3 by Mr. A. Ferruggiaro and Group 4 by Mrs.
A. Watkins at Annapolis KC !

"Kisses" finished her Championship with another MAJOR by going Winner Bitch at the
Desert Empire Terrier Club of SoCal.  She is the 4th of 7 Warlord's pups to finish.

At the same show her sister 'Kyla" went Best of Opposite Sex. Thank you Elaine for a lovely

Brodi went Best of Breed at the end of January in the competition of 6 Champions under
Mrs. Patricia Trotter at Sawnee Mtn. KC of Georgia. CONGRATULATIONS !
Great results from Florida show circuit- all from Bred-By-Exhibitor class!
"Mudpie" went BoW with 5 point MAJOR at the Specialty of KBT Club of Central Florida
"Sterling"- going Best of Winners at Greater Gainesville DFA under Mrs. K.Grosso
"Brodi" - WD, BoW, Best of Breed over 3 Specials for 5 point MAJOR - by Mr. R. Forsyth,
finishing his Championship!

Cross the Rubicon- YEAR 2009