In Memoriam
RIGO, 1992-1998
Rigo was abandoned Great Dane, left in our University for euthanasia. Partially stray, partially stolen and
living with Gypsies- when he came back to owner- there was just too much to deal with.

I knew how wonderful just  Great Dane can be and decided to give this skinny dog a second chance.

Rigo was 2.5 years old and only 55 kg/121 lbs. He was the skinniest dog I have ever seen.

Unaware of the many health issues this breed deals with, I was determined to cure him.

Thanks to teachers at University of Veterinary Medicine and friends in the clinic in my town, we were able to
give him extra 4 years.

Rigo battled all his problems bravely- cardiomyopathy, GDV, food allergies and pancreatitis.

His temperament was one of the best- the balanced combination of fierce protector and sweet companion. He
knew all neighbours, loved children and all my colleagues in white gowns till the very end.

When his last day came, I didn't want to let him go. I was ready to fight for his life again.

But we didn't stand a chance against the last stage of liver failure and failing heart.

Rigo, we still miss you and we will never forget you!!!
ARAN Enniskerry
April 23,1996- May 24, 2008

International, English, Italian, German, Luxemb., Belgian,
Slovenian, Moneg., KfT Champ.
European Veteran Winner 07

My "
Aran's" dam, one of the most elegant kerries I have ever
seen. From Italian kennel ARAN.
Bianca- 1999
Ch. Bianca Kerrydom

december 1st, 1994- september 4th,2009

The matriarch and the foundation bitch of Cross the Rubicon kennel.

Just 3 months shy of her 15th birthday developed thyroid cancer.
Bianca enjoyed her life to the very end.

There is no one like you, Bianca!
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