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International, Italian, Swiss, Austrian, Slovenian and USA Champion
ARAN Innishannon, HCT,RATI
We are honored to announce visitor from ITALY, the last ARAN bitch and one of the last
few of famous Irish bloodline Louisburgh!
Shannon is a daughter of my all times favorite Multi Champion ARAN Enniskeen, "Dusty"
(see photo below).
Her superb pedigree includes such legendary dogs as Tur, Olido and all the fantastic
ARAN dogs (see photos below)

Shannon passed all the health tests- CMSD, hips, thyroid, DM, eyes, etc .She has the
calmest and sweetest temperament I seen in a kerry. She has no mean bone in her body
and is an absolute pleasure to live with.
In October 2013, Shannon passed sheep Herding Capability Test (HCT) by American
Herding Breed Association and got her Leg1 and Leg2.
And the next month, she also passed rat instinct test at the Barn Hunt Association trial!

Now she has two working (:-) titles as well- sheep herding capability and rodent location

At 7.5 years of age, she started AKC Championship with 1st point winning BOB over a
special and finished with all major wins from different Terrier/KBT specialties and KBT
clubs supported entries.

Dec. 12, 2013: Eukanuba  Nat. Championship- Orlando/FL - H. O’Donoghue / Irl - Res.
Winner  Bitch

May 17, 2013: Empire KBTC supported entry- Oyster Bay /NY- Mrs J. Gagne / CAN
WB / BOW / OS -3 Point Major

May 18, 2013: Empire KBTC supported entry-Oyster Bay/ NY- Mrs P. Nemirovsky / ARG
WB / OS- 3 Point Major

May 19, 2013 Empire KBT Club supported entry -Oold Bethpage/NY- Mr K. Kauffman -
WB / BOW / OS /OH Group 3- 3 Point Major

May 25, 2013 KBTC of G.Pittsburgh  Specialty- New Castle /PA- Mr D. Vice-WB / BOW- 3
Point Major

June 13, 2013-Virginia Terrier Club- Richmond/VA- Mr N. Patton- WB  5 Point Major

October 2013- Montgomery KC- Shannon made a cut in Specials

And now working on her GRAND Champion title! As of August 7, 2013- Shannon was
awarded 24 GCh. points.
Graziano with a very young Louisburgh Tur Ceatha "Mara"
in Dublin Aug. 1993