Our Kerries at "Montgomery"

For those who wonder why travel almost 3000 miles one way, take a week off work
and spend couple thousand dollars...there is one word -the MONTGOMERY!

Montgomery KC show is the biggest terrier specialty in USA, topping the Kerry
entries over 100 per show.  Many of the invited judges are foreign.

For me, as well as the rest of terrier fancy of Northwest, it requires quite an effort
and the extra mileage to be where "it matters the most" but usually good times and
great results are to follow.

From the time Aran was a youngster, I dreamt of participating at this show weekend.
In 2004 my dream come true, when that time  Aran (and Peter Atkinson) entered the
show ring.

Aran's legacy continues thorough the years and I am excited to see a progress of
his puppies.
Echo- AoM, october07
Echo at Montgomery 2007