Cross the Rubicon video list

Nursing kerry puppies (05)
Aran and E-babies (2005)

Kerries of Cross the Rubicon
Duvessa-Agility- June05
Duvessa on the move- Jan05
Leeloo in doggy daycare playing (07)
Finessa 17 weeks old (07)
Echo- fetching the ball I. (July07)
Echo himself- January08
Echo- Tournament of Champions1
Echo- part2- Tournament of Ch.
Leeoo- standing (January2008)
Rowan- moving (January08)

 Aran himself
Aran playing with Leeloo, May 2008
Aran eating corn on the cob (Aug 07)
Aran with sprinkler (2007)
Aran off leash fun -partI.(2005)
Aran off leash fun- part II.(2005)
Aran pestering Bianca (2005)